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Government Of Hubei Province Has Granted "Chime Award" TO Foreign Technical Experts Of HE LASER
Release time£º2012-10-09 Source£ºHE LASER
On 28th Sep. 2012, entrusted by the secretary of a provincial party committee Li Hongzhong and provincial governor Wang Guosheng, party committee¡¢head of operations Mr.Lou Yangsheng has attended the "National Day" reception, and has issued the "Chime Award" to those excellent foreign experts working on Hubei Province. "Chime Award" is the grand prize for commending foreign experts by provincial government. Such as the Russian technical expert--Mr.Schlecherf Oleg from Wuhan HE Laser Engineering Co.,Ltd as the representative, total 12 foreign experts has gained the 2012 "Chime Award". HE LASER has introduced the Russian famous laser experts, which plays an important role in promoting the enterprise to realize the breakthrough of key technology, developing high new technical industry, and forming open developing situation supported by the international talents.
Deputy director Mr. Wu Yongwen of the provincial has read out the award decision. Vice-governor Mr.Tian Chengzhong took charge of the reception and made a speech. There are many people to attend the reception, such as Vice chairman Mr.Chou XiaoYue of the political, secretary Mr. Lee Jian of the party committee of Wuhan University, secretary Mr.Lu Gang of the party committee of Central China University of science and technology, secretary Mr.Wang Zhenyou of party committee of Wuhan Steel Group, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering¡¢original principal Mr.Liu Jinnan of Wuhan University, assistant governor Zeng Xin, secretary-genetal Mr. Wang Xiangxi of the provincial government, and so on.
Tian Chengzhong delegated provincial party committee and government to send the warmest season's greetings to all the
people, and gave the best regards to the foreign friends¡¢ Hongkong & Macao compatriots¡¢Taiwan and overseas compatriots in Hubei province. And thanks for those guests and the international friends who care and support Hubei reform and open and modernization construction. He sincerely hopes that each foreign expert and friend can care and support the reform & open and development of Hubei Province, warmly welcoming more friends from home and abroad to come to Hubei to join in the great cause of Hubei scientific and rapid development, and make a study and visit¡¢investment industrial and creat the glory together.


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